Magnus Lindhe

Host station port number is expressed using a hexadecimal number

Just a quick reminder to my self in case I make this mistake in the future. The configuration of the built-in ethernet port open settings in GX Developer IEC requires port numbers to be expressed in hex.

This can be confusing if the configured port number only use digits between 0 and 9 like my current configuration. I managed to get confused by this even though the dialog explicitly states that you need to use hexadecimal numbers for the port configuration.

Built-in ethernet port open settings

If you take a quick look at it and try to send a request to port 1392 you will not succeed:

client.Open("", 1392);
client.ReadWords("D0", 1); 

The correct code also needs to use the hexadecimal number:

client.Open("", 0x1392);

Or use the correct decimal number:

client.Open("", 5010);
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