Magnus Lindhe

Parsing whitespace and new lines with Sprache

Sprache is a nice and small library for creating language parsers. In Sprache you can use the Token method to get a parser for a token that disregards any whitespace that might surround the token. This is a really helpful method for any language that allows for whitespace throughout the grammar.

However, the Token method can not be used in a grammar where the new line characters are used as a terminator between other language constructs. The reason for this is that the Token method will swallow the new line characters as they are regarded as whitespace.

It is rather easy to solve this problem by implementing a variation of the Token method like this:

public static Parser<T> WithWhiteSpace<T>(Parser<T> parser)
    if (parser == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("parser");

    return from leading in Parse.WhiteSpace.Except(NewLine).Many()
           from item in parser
           from trailing in Parse.WhiteSpace.Except(NewLine).Many()
           select item;

public static readonly Parser<string> NewLine = Parse
        .Named("new line");

The trick is to parse whitespace that surrounds the passed in parser but exclude any new lines characters.

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