Magnus Lindhe

Posting selected rows using jQuery Datatables and ASP.NET MVC

How do you make an ajax call to and ASP.NET MVC controller with the selected rows in a jQuery datatable? Well, this is how I did it.

The table rows are rendered in a Razor view, each one with a column containing a checkbox like this:

    <input type="checkbox" name="id" value="@item.Id"/>

I use a click handler for a hyperlink that does some validation and eventually does something like this:

var oTable = $("#dataTable").dataTable();
var sData = $('input', oTable.fnGetNodes()).serialize();

$.post("@Url.Content("~/Controller/Action")", sData, function() {
    // success!
}, "json");

The function fnGetNodes() will return all row elements and combined with the 'input' selector and serialize we will get all "form" data we need to include in the ajax call.

The Controller that handles the ajax call needs to be wired for HTTP POST.

public ActionResult Action(string[] id)
    return new JsonResult();

The thing that I struggled with was the action's id string array parameter. It has to be a string array since there are multiple checkbox input elements with the same id. The serialize method will return something looking like this:


When that string is posted to the action it will be converted into a string array like this:

id[0] = "1"
id[1] = "2"
id[2] = "3"

With no checkboxes selected you will get a null reference for the string array.

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