Magnus Lindhe

Fooling around with Nancy

Nancy first got my attention when I read the announcement by Andreas HÃ¥kansson about a year ago. I thought it was an interesting project but I could not figure out how it would be useful for me at the time. I guess I also did not fully understand the potential of such a framework.


I have finally realized how I can make use of Nancy in one of my own projects. I have begun experimenting with the framework and I am trying to integrate it with my own project. I have however run in to some problems and I am not really falling into the pit of success. Some things are simple but some things just don't work.

I have decided to create a spike or two in order to limit the complexity and find out how to make the simplest solution work and then try to integrate what I know works in isolation. This will also enable me to be able to show a relatively simple solution to others I case I still run into problems along the way.

I hope the spike will help me answer the following questions I have about Nancy:

  • How to serve views stored as embedded resources using the UnityNancyBootstrapper.
  • How to serve static files such as JavaScript and CSS.
  • How to serve static theme files depending on the selected theme.
  • How to integrate Nancy with an already existing Unity container. A container that has been created before bootstrapping Nancy that is.

I have also decided to get the source code for Nancy instead of using the NuGet packages in order to be able to understand what is going on under the hood.

Looking forward to fooling around with Nancy!

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